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EVE Workbench is a free tool brought you by EVE Online players for EVE Online players. We offer our tooling for free to you (and all the other visitors) to use, but as all other websites in the cloud its not free for us. But when we started we made it very clear to each other that we don't want a "paywall" to use our services and if someone wants to support us it should be because they like it!

So, if you really like EVE Workbench please consider to support us. This will motivate us even more to continue the development of this nice project.

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As part of our partnership you will get a discount of 3% when you use the following discount code eveworkbench at the checkout and at the same time you also support this website!
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You can also support us in EVE Online by sending ISK to our corporation Rivals of Promises [RIPRC] or by sending it to Lionear Maricadie.

Please give the description that its a donation to keep EVE Workbench running so we know why we got the donation.