EVE Workbench Partners

EVE Workbench is an independent website created by the Rivals of Promises corporation. But as most websites and EVE 3rd party tools we also have some partners.

MarkeeDragon Store

MarkeeDragon is one of our first partners. He is a long time streamer for EVE Online and a business partner of CCP for more than 15 years providing gamecodes to players with his webshop.

As part of our partnership you will get a discount of 3% when you use the following discount code eveworkbench at the checkount and at the same time you also support this website!

Want to become a partner?

EVE Workbench is always looking for new partners to make our website even better and to provide our community even more then we already can!

If you think you have something to offer to EVE Workbench and our community you can always contact us through info@eveworkbench.com or ingame by contacting Lionear Maricadie.

When you want to support EVE Workbench in other means please check out our Support us page as it includes a few methods to support us!